During the very first year of our marriage, we were out with other family members, and my husband made a joke that everyone laughed at but me.

 When we were finally home I told him I wasn’t happy with the joke he made because I  felt it put me in a bad light, he was shocked at first and then … Read the rest


Quite often many singles in relationship base their definition of how strong their relationships are
on the attraction the feel for each or on the passion in the relationship. Passion like we already
know is not constant but keeps fluctuating, most do not realize that building and maintaining
quality friendship is more a predictor of a happy marriage that any … Read the rest


Growing up one of the recurring complaint my parents and siblings had about me was that I was
stubborn. For years I was ashamed of this part of myself, tried to push it aside, deny it, hide it
Coming in contact with Innocent Minds and the tools of NLP helped me reframe this trait and
embrace it.
When I … Read the rest


We conclude our study of the four communication patterns that lead to the demise of a relationship.
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STONEWALLING; This is shorting down in the middle of a conflict discussion and refusing to respond but
verbally and non-verbally. Predominantly, men are the users of this communication style, (about 85%).
Stone walling is different from taking … Read the rest