To build and expand the relationship and marriage ecosystem where healthy interactions become the order of the day in our society.

Nationhood begins with the family as society begins with the couple. To this end, the health of the nation is directly linked to the health of the family. 
In the light of this, the health of the family is every one’s business because any weak link will inevitably be felt in very aspect of society.

Panacea Ville is the home of solutions where we are dedicated to bringing answers and remedies to homes and families. We believe that for every challenge individuals, couples and families face, there is a solution and our mandate is to help you successfully navigate the love and relationship terrain effectively.


To help singles and couples develop and maintain healthy relationships and  marriages thereby finding fulfillment in life for a better and more stable society.


The role of learning, unlearning and relearning cannot be overemphasized in relationship and marriage as well as parenting. Hence, we consistently create and provide platforms for individuals and couples who are willing to learn basic principles in relationships, marriage and parenting with a view to build and scale healthy homes in our society.



We facilitate retreats especially for couples. We strategically use this medium to build, sustain, foster and deepen marriages and relationships.

Togetherness is the bed rock of every successful home. In view of this, we facilitate the research, design and production of couples’ games so as to aid every couple build a lasting union through constant bonding and communication.


Our Counselors are well trained to listen empathetically and help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings. We are also skilled at helping you express your worries and concerns in a way that gets you heard.


We specialize in areas, such as marriage/relationship counseling, helping people build health communication and relational skills, behavioural change in addition to other areas like emotion intelligence and management


Our Counseling services cover emotional and psychological challenges for individuals, groups, organizations and couples. We also offer these services in partnership with Faith Based Organizations.


Our team of experts includes experienced traditional Counselors, Psychotherapists and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners (NLP).


We maintain a strict confidentiality policy ensuring that discussions stay between just you and our counseling experts. The exception to this rule is only if the counselor reasonably feels you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else.


You can't Afford to Miss Any!!!


Is an annual couple’s conference that takes place in November. The event is usually divided into sessions that include; teachings, workshops, gaming sessions, feedback, question and answer sessions all targeted towards helping couples improve the quality to their relationships while facilitating bonding and effective communication.


This singles’ event holds every March, the event focuses on helping singles in becoming the right partner. This platform specifically helps individuals to discover their purpose, emotional attachment styles, recover lost self esteem and positive identity, values and beliefs so that they would be better equipped and empowered with skill sets to function effectively in the marriage institution.


Having observed that one of the major stressors in marriages is finance and many individuals learn financial literacy independent of their spouses. This makes couples grow more apart in addition to increasing the tension the couples experience in this very critical area. We therefore have created this platform to specifically help couples learn financial management and attain financial intelligence in all their dealings.  

Men, Fathers and Sons

As society continues its focus on women rights and liberation, there has been an increasing decline in the performance of the men. More women have become increasingly financially independent thereby displacing the man as the sole breadwinner of the family.

Men are becoming increasingly laidback, relinquishing their ‘positions’ and roles at home which is also reflecting in what is obtainable at the work place. There is therefore, a need for balance where both men and women function optimally. Many men are at a loss because they do not understand that manhood is a call to undertake responsibility.

We now live in an age where responsibilities of men and women are interwoven and are playing very similar roles. Hence the need for men to understand and redefined their roles in the family and society at large

This platform has been designed to specifically deal with issues that affect men and is committed to helping them build the requisite capacity to fulfil their God given mandate as the head of the family.

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Our research and publication department have been equipped to provide statistics and data on relationship and marriages with a view to learn from results and provide solutions in real time. Our publication department using different channels also publishes relationship and marriage enhancing content through our blogs via articles, podcasts, magazines, books and television programmes.


Working with Coach Nancy Oblete was a breath of fresh air. She helped me navigate through the many confusing thoughts and emotions I was battling with in my relationship(s). She never advised me to stay in the relationship or leave, instead she asked me questions that provided me clarity. She focused on me as an individual and that in turn has brought my relationship to a whole me level of fulfillment. Understanding my attachment style, dealing with negative emotions and the resources materials she made available to me gave me a new kind of happiness and freedom to experience love and life as a whole Thank you Nancy.