Nneka’s dream man; was a man that would show lots of physical affection and spend time with her and their children, but her husband appeared aloof and spent an increasing amount of time outside the home as the months rolled by.
She couldn’t believe that the once caring and loving friend that told her so often; he couldn’t wait for when they didn’t need to say goodnight to each other when they were dating was rarely at home with her now that they are married. 
He spent most of his time at work, in church or with friends, she seemed to always come last. Was this the person I married? Did I do something to drive him away? Was he pretending to love me just so I would marry him? Is there someone else?  
At this point in their marriage, this couple has the choice; either to take the most travelled road that leads to isolation/divorce or take the other option that leads to even greater fulfilment.
The most commonly known reasons for marriage are; companionship, creating a conducive environment to raise children, etc. these are all valid and true
I like to think that beyond these reasons the Creator had something else under his sleeves.  In other, for us to leave to our true potential, we need to first ‘become’, before we can ‘do’. 
One of the ways the universe tests our commitment, faithfulness, tenacity, resolve and love is in the closest relationship we would ever forge on earth – marriage.
It’s my submission as I glean from the wisdom of the great sages that are and have worked this earth, that the purpose of marriage is GROWTH. 
A good number of us realize that we are not on this planet by mistake or to advance our now courses but to live for something bigger than ourselves. This is a belief that is shared by both those that consider themselves religious and those that do not. 
Marriage offers us a unique opportunity to become unselfish, build character, refine our relational skills, become more emotionally intelligent, learn flexibility and so on, so we are better equipped to make our contribution to humanity in whatever capacity.
It is hence by design that we fall in love with and marry the person that gives us the most support and highest challenge.
What is the way out for Nneka and Chinedu?…Stay tuned

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